We are no different to others yet unique individuals waging our battles inside-out, facing challenges and weathering storms.

I believe we are story tellers in our own peculiar manner and a piece of ourselves barred open can make a huge difference to lives. As a human being, I fought my own battles and they were never easy but as I look back, remaining unaffected is my mantra.

I want to guide you in facing the inner fears, offering comfort, tune off emotionally when needed but most importantly a friend listing to you without judging.

Why Sarang By Compassion?

Embedded in our Indian values and heritage, Vishwakarma is the legendary tale where he crafted two divine bows Saranga to Lord Vishnu and Pinaka to Lord Shiva. The Saranga is the most powerful possessed by the Supreme Lord and Lord Rama slayed demon King Ravana and Kumbhkarna. Lord Krishna pulled the Saranga to fight evils during

Evils often come through our thoughts and the way we deal with people in our daily lives. The name Sarang is derived from the weapon and is all about our positive attitude in the modern times and through a methodical, step-by-step approach, I will accompany you in the sacred to tackle issues faced. As a trained person in Psychology and spiritually
inclined, it is my firm believe to use the sacred bow in a divine manner to help you wipe off the ailments merging the scientific and spiritual. Compassion
defines who I am as a person and together let’s empower each other, build from
scratch our relationship relying on a foundation called TRUST.

My story is not different from you. I am a down to earth person who always believe in helping people to find the right path in life. I have also seen the worst moments of life but I have never let the situation put me down. 

Love life, Love yourself.

Contact me on Whatsapp, I am here to help.

How May I Help You?

Life is beautiful if you love it.

If you are getting through worst moment of life and looking for a person who can guide you through then you are on the right place.

I offer this service as a social commitment to help you to all possible extent. It is said that if you talk to somebody and share your problems it eases your heart and mind. You feel light. I also recommend you some tools and tips to fix your problems and live a happier life.